The Death of Data Analytics Tools ️☠

The Death of Data Analytics Tools ️☠

Or why a consolidation is coming your way

My take: the current tools to work with data in the market are ineffective and will face a wave of consolidation. Why? There are too many tools, and these tools are not great. Read on to learn more.👇

Problem 1/ there are too many tools 🤯

We analysts are using a half dozen different tools to get our job done. The native Snowflake IDE to write queries, Notion to document queries and business context, Google Sheets to document tables and metrics, Slack to bug people to make sure documentation is not out-of-date, and Tableau to visualize some data and to publish results. If you are at a data-savvy company, you might be using Looker to serve as an interface between analysts and business stakeholders at large. But the point is, there are too many tools.

Problem 2/ the tools are not even good 🧐

The native Snowflake IDE was built as an afterthought to the heavy infrastructure lifting of the data warehouse and was clearly built by people who had no interest in making your life easier. Because let’s face it — it’s hard enough to build a good database, let alone build a collaboration workplace. Notion isn’t the best place to document queries and business context because things get out of sync immediately after you write something down (your data and queries are constantly changing). Google Sheets has the same syncing problem as Notion for table and metric definitions. You want to avoid having to manually bug people on Slack about data documentation. Tableau is heavy and clunky for quick-and-dirty data use-cases.

Conclusion: let’s kill all those tools 😈

So there are two problems getting in the way of analytics productivity. 1/ There are too many tools for data analytics. 2/ None of these tools are particularly effective. What’s the solution? A better place to do data analytics — a single workspace that is built specifically for data analytics needs and one that consolidates all the context switching between disparate apps. A single workspace that is amazingly effective for data analytics.

Solution: an integrated, all-in-one workspace 🤖

We think the solution is simple. The solution is a SQL-first workspace that amplifies only the best of Snowflake, Notion, Google Sheets, Slack, and Tableau and ties them together in one elegant app. We call it Hyperquery. We’re building Hyperquery with over two decades of combined experience running analytics at data-driven companies like Airbnb, Bird, and Wayfair, 100% focused on data analytics productivity.

We built Hyperquery specifically for the needs of data analysts.

We’ve been working with a few early customers and given their reception, we’re confident this is the best way to do analytics. We guarantee you’ve never used anything like this. Sign up for the waitlist at— we’ll be launching our invite-only platform in the next few weeks.

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